Symptomatic control of workers, who will refrain from going to work if they have symptoms compatible with COVID 19 until the disease is not ruled out. The workers will wear a mask during the stay in the establishment, as well as gloves / hand hygiene.

Non-essential decorative objects and information brochures, backpacks for transporting backpacks, stamp for credentials… that could serve as transmitters were removed from the reception (the client must request it at reception when needed). The counter will remain as free of objects as possible and frequent disinfection will be carried out with alcohol diluted to 70% or 0.5% bleach in water, as recommended by the health authorities. Likewise, a protective screen was placed to avoid contact between people and when it is necessary to share objects, they will be disinfected before and after use. Hands will also be disinfected with hydroalcoholic solution.

The keyboard for access to the reception will be disinfected periodically and the people who enter, both workers and clients, will perform hand hygiene with hydro-alcoholic solution, which, for this purpose, exists in an automatic dispenser located in the reception. This place also has a wastebasket with a pedal-operated lid to deposit waste. Highlight the mandatory use of a mask to access the facilities.

All objects, including the vending machine for coffee, drinks, snacks… will be disinfected frequently, as well as the access rails to the rooms, tables and chairs in common spaces.

The keyboard of the doors of the rooms will be disinfected when cleaning and disinfection are finished.

In the rooms, the decorative elements have been removed, as well as the second pillow and the cushions (if the client wants these elements, they will ask for them at reception).

The clothes of the beds and towels are washed at a high temperature, as recommended by the health authorities. The surfaces of rooms and bathrooms, as well as switches, knobs, handles… are cleaned and disinfected with dissolving water with 0,5% bleach or 70% diluted alcohol.